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Watch for These Problems with Your Baton Rouge Home Heating

As a homeowner in Baton Rouge LA, now is the time to pay close attention to your home heating system in case a problem develops. Becoming familiar with the signs and symptoms of problems with your home heating in Baton Rouge LA allows you to schedule a repair service before the problem becomes catastrophic, returns your home to a comfortable indoor environment and may even lower your monthly energy costs. Our expert heating system service technicians explain the most common signs of a problem with your home heating system.


When your heating system begins to make more noise than is typical, this is an indication of a mechanical disorder within the equipment. The noises will likely increase in loudness and frequency until the problem is solved. They could sound like grinding, banging or clanging noises and can occur at any time during the heating cycle.

Low Air Flow
If it feels like there is little or even no air coming out of your home's vents when the furnace or heat pump turns on, this could indicate a mechanical problem within your heating equipment. Common mechanical problems that cause low air flow include bent fan blades, clogged air filters, loose duct work and broken air handler belts. Another common cause of low air flow is that your vents could simply be closed.

System That Will Not Turn On

When your furnace or heat pump will not even start up, this could result from an electrical or mechanical problem or a problem with the fuel connection or power supply. In many cases, a faulty thermostat is the cause of the heating equipment not turning on. You might consider troubleshooting the system by checking that the thermostat is on and correctly set, that the circuit breaker  has not tripped and the furnace or heat pump has power. If you do not find any problems with these, it is best to call us for service.

System Warnings

Programmable thermostats come equipped with system indicators that alert you to the need for service. The indicator might be as small as a single symbol on the screen of the thermostat, so look closely. Alarms coming from your carbon monoxide detector are another clear indication of a serious problem with your Baton Rouge LA home heating system and you should contact us immediately.

By watching for problems with your home heating in Baton Rouge LA, you can resolve the problem quickly and effectively with our professional repair services. Our expert service technicians have worked on all makes and models of residential heat pumps and furnaces. When you choose our team of dedicated service technicians, you can rest peacefully knowing that your home will be comfortable, healthy and safe throughout the winter months. When you need professional assistance in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing your home's furnace or heat pump this winter, our team is ready to help you. Just give us a call.


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