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How Can I Improve My Baton Rouge LA Furnace Efficiency?

Improving the efficiency of your furnace is one of the best ways to keep your heating bills under control. An efficient furnace is also safer because clogged filters and dust buildup are common causes of inefficiency as well as being fire hazards. Rearranging your furniture, changing your furnace filters, opening your curtains during the day and adjusting your thermostat are great ways to improve your Baton Rouge LA furnace efficiency.

Let the Sunshine In

Opening your curtains and blinds during the day when the sun is out will allow your home to gather natural warmth from the sun. This natural heat is a wonderful way to supplement the heat from your furnace and drive down your energy bills. There are many sunny days in Baton Rouge LA throughout the year, allowing you to take advantage of this natural resource.

Change the Filter

Most homeowners forget to change their furnace filters often enough, which makes their furnace run less efficiently. The filters should be changed about once per month, especially if you have family members who suffer from allergies. You may consider upgrading to a HEPA filter to take even more contaminants out of the air for any family members with breathing issues.

Don't Block the Vents

It sounds simple, but many people forget about the heating vents when they are arranging their furniture. Blocking the vents restricts the air flow in your home, leading to decreased furnace efficiency. Blocked vents are also a fire hazard, as the hot air gets trapped under furniture and is unable to circulate. Curtains and drapes can also block air flow from the vents and may catch fire if they are too close to the heating vents.

Insulate Your Home

One of the main causes of higher utility bills is lack of insulation. A well-insulated home is much easier to heat because the warm air from the furnace stays indoors instead of quickly dissipating to the outside. Even if you feel that your home is well-insulated, check around your windows and doors for drafts. Inexpensive weatherproofing kits are available to help you retain your warm air as much as possible. Upgrading your windows is another option to consider.

Change Your Thermostat

Turning off your thermostat when you're not home can improve the efficiency of your furnace drastically, especially if nobody is typically home during the daytime hours. You may even be able to turn the thermostat off at night when the weather is mild without being uncomfortable. Installing a programmable thermostat is a great option because you can set it according to your regular schedule and not have to worry about changing the setting every time you leave your home or return from work.

Please contact us at Mico Mechanical for all your heating, cooling and indoor air quality questions and concerns.

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