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Mico Mechanical Blog

Considering a Hydronic Heating System? It May Provide Added Comfort in Your Baton Rouge, LA Home

By Admin | Mar 09, 2012

If you are tired of high utility bills and constant heating repair bills for your Baton Rouge, LA home, you may wish to consider hydronic heating installation. This type of heating installation uses hot water that travels through tubing beneath the floor or base boards of your home. It is popular among…

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When Was Your Baton Rouge, LA Air Conditioning and Heating System Last Checked?

By Admin | Mar 05, 2012

If you cannot remember the last time you had routine air conditioner and heater repair and service in your Baton Rouge, LA home, you may want to consider having both of your units checked. Air conditioners and heating units that do not receive regular preventative maintenance may stop working years before…

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What is IAQ? And How Can You Improve Your Baton Rouge, LA IAQ?

By Admin | Mar 02, 2012

Indoor air has the potential to become just as polluted as outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you have an older home in Baton Rouge, LA it may be especially vulnerable to poor indoor air quality. One way to determine the quality of your indoor air is to have our local…

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Saving On Your Baton Rouge, LA Energy Bill with a Programmable Thermostat

By Admin | Mar 01, 2012

If the bill to run the air conditioner and heater for your Baton Rouge, LA seems to be getting out of control, you may be able to reign it in a bit by installing a programmable thermostat. The biggest advantage of a programmable thermostat for your Baton Rouge, LA home is that you can control the temperature…

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How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home in Baton Rouge, LA

By Admin | Feb 29, 2012

You may feel confused when it comes to buying an air filter for the heater or air conditioner in your Baton Rouge, LA home. Since not all units come with a filter attached, your best bet may be contacting your local air conditioning and heating service and repair company in Baton Rouge, LA for assistance.…

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Five Ideas to Help Keep Your Baton Rouge, LA Home More Comfortable

By Admin | Feb 28, 2012

In Baton Rouge, LA, you'll need to operate both your air conditioning and heating unit throughout the year. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your air conditioning and heating system and to keep your home comfortable.

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Controlling the Humidification in Your Baton Rouge LA Home Keeps You Healthier

By Admin | Feb 27, 2012

Winter weather is known for its dry air both inside and outside of the home. If the people in your Baton Rouge, LA home are constantly scratching their dry skin, adding a humidifier may help with this problem. You can purchase a humidifier at your local air conditioning and heater service and repair…

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Allergy Sufferers Won't Be As Miserable in Baton Rouge, LA If You Follow Our Tips

By Admin | Feb 24, 2012

Whether you suffer from indoor allergies, outdoor allergies or both, it is important to have good air conditioning service in your Baton Rouge, LA home. An air conditioner that is performing at capacity can keep the air circulating and keep you comfortable at the same time. However, your air conditioner…

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Weekly Tips & Tricks

By Admin | Nov 23, 2011

Today, it’s all about being healthy. But what about the air in our homes? Dust, dirt, pollen and mold can make untreated indoor air up to 100 times worse than outdoor air. In fact, indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top 3 health concerns.

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